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your premier destination for all your oilfield accommodation needs. We specialize in providing top-tier Oil Field Base Camps Rental, Oil Field Base Camps for Lease, and a comprehensive selection of Oil Field Base Camps Equipment, and Remote Man Camp to support your operations in any terrain and under any condition.

This is the illustration of our modular building and mobile kitchen facilities. Hope it helps you explore its most parts and get a better understanding of different aspects and available facilities. For more details, please contact 1-800-205-6106. has provided the specialized services of Oil Field Base Camps with all modern amenities to the oil and gas industry. This company has been offering dedicated services to its clients for more than 15 years of age and with a complete understanding of design, material, construction techniques needed to produce such a tremendous Oil Field Base Camp that can protect individuals from the harsh environment. Being one of the largest companies in the USA, we are able to provide a large range of solutions as well as applications in assistance of life support amenities needed by oil companies throughout the globe. We can also offer our customers products that are Skid Mounted and, in turn, Master Skid Mounted for instant deployment. On the other hand, we can offer amenities that are Trailer Mounted and can be rapidly resettled in line with operational needs.

Oil-field-base-camps can provide the unique styles from our own custom build design or portfolio to the needs of the end user. We, as the best service provider, produce a large number of varieties of base camps which can fulfill the needs of the people ranging from 10 to 500 depending on the needs of the people. Our design of making the oil-field-base camps is unique. By living in our oil field base camp, you will feel such that you are living in your own home and with the facilities given in our manufactured oil base field camps you will never miss your home and this is our guarantee. We have given the facilities of Wi-Fi internet, Play stations to play the game, complete air conditioned atmosphere, complete cleanliness, wooden interior, wash room, kitchen with all modern facilities and a small dining room to enjoy the meal and drinks with friends. Due to our dedicated services, we have thousands of our long-term customers who are using our services.

When it comes to design the oil field base camp then we always try to design such that so we may ensure that they are easily moved and maintained in the field. So we always try to deliver such quality to our customers that customer after using our services must say this service was just made for him.


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